General Information

Your Future is in your hands

New normals, new norms and the behaviours in today’s world where the digital technologies have been located in the center of our lives change the economic and social structures of the societies. Digital technologies that has quickly become a part of our lives transform all the sectors and professions, particularly health.

How Medicine Professions Transform?

While developments such as advanced applications, smart systems and technologies in health IT and artificial intelligence are shaping the future health professions, many new professions such as 3D production engineering, artificial intelligence supported health technics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, drone pilot, data analysis have already entered our lives. In today’s changing and transforming world, the health professions are also modifying themselves with digitalization and medical professions are shaped through these developments.

Let’s Shape The Future Together!

Career in Health Summit and Expo where the description and positioning of future’s professions will be brought to the agenda as well as new approaches to the medical professions aims at increasing the employment in the health sector and creating a deliberative platform by bringing the leading health experts from the public and private institutions also with the academy. Career in Health Summit and Expo as designed as a platform for the young people who want to pursue and advance their careers in the health sector will be taking place on July 7-10, 2021 at Digicon by Exponext. You are invited to our event that we expect to be a source for the health sector authorities and policymakers and guide the young people who want to build their career in this field.