“Which specialty should I choose? Whether internal diseases or urology?”

Listen to the career stories from the leading experts! 



“I want to choose a department related to the healthcare sector. Which one should I choose?”

Listen to the department introductions of medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutics, nursing, healthcare management from the leading experts.


“Should I have an academic career or should I continue in the public sector? What kind of career opportunities private hospitals provide?”

You may get information about the working conditions and social opportunities in private hospitals, you may get rid of the dilemma of public or private sector while orienting your career.


“What are opportunities for international education, maintaining a career afterwards and work? How do things work in countries such as Germany, Canada, England?”

You may learn the qualifications needed for outstanding universities in Europe and many other countries in the world from agencies that represent these universities, you may get informed about conditions needed to be met for working abroad, and you may obtain information before deciding your future career.


2021 was declared as a health workers year. So we invite you to the first and biggest Summit and Exhibition of Career in Health of Eurasia!

National and international education opportunities for the youngs who want to build their career in health sector… Inspiring talks with leading experts from best universities and institutions… Rich content that contributes to the future of health professions with a focus on health education and employment.

“Which are the health professions transforming in the age of digitalization and what are the promising departments?”

You may get informed about leading edges in health information technologies such as smart systems and technologies, and artificial intelligence technologies as well as 3D production engineering, artificial intelligence supported health technics, biotechnology, nanotechnology engineering, drone piloting, data analysis specialty

“Which universities have health related departments and what are the benefits of these universities? I wish I could have visited them digitally and learned about the opportunities!”

Here is the chance! Career Summit starts with the attendance of representatives from Istanbul Cerrahpasa, Istanbul Capa, Hacettepe, Ankara, Health Sciences, Acibadem, Istanbul Medipol Universities.









Set a course for your career!

Young people preparing for university,
University students whose field is health and medicine
Graduates targeting a career in the health sector
Health workers planning a career


At the Career in Health Summit and Expo, where future-oriented alternatives and solutions in career and employment in health will be discussed, high school senior or newly graduated students who are preparing for university, students who have taken the university exam and will make a choice, young people who will study in health and medicine departments of universities and choose a field, young people with associate and undergraduate degrees who are looking for answers to the question in which direction they will continue their career, as well as healthcare professionals who are looking for new career opportunities, will have the opportunity will determine their career path.

Opportunities in health education…

Health education opportunities in Turkey
Health education and employment opportunities abroad
Education opportunities in Turkey for the foreign students

The Career in Health Summit and Expo, where Turkey’s and World’s largest health education institutions will come together, will open a brand new window on health education and career opportunities in Turkey and abroad for young people who want to pursue a career in health or take their career further. The event, where educational opportunities in Turkey will be discussed as well for foreign students, will provide a visionary perspective that will shed light on the future in terms of both health education and employment in the field.




Institutions to Cooperate

  • Turkish Republic Ministry of Health
  • Turkish Republic Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services
  • Universities
  • Institutions and organizations that give health education


  • Futures of the health professions
  • Career opportunities in health: what school has what?
  • Turkish health education from the international perspective
  • Up-to-date topics: health tourism, artificial intelligence, health technologies
  • What professions are getting significant in the age of technology, how they transform?
  • Universities in Turkey that gives health education and their international rankings


Health Education and Employment

Meetings contributing to the future of health education with leading experts from universities, and public and private sector.


What is where?

Plan your career! What are the opportunities provided by the national and international universities and educational institutions?


Good to know!

What to behold while choosing profession in health field